Headphone Splitter

Hard Working Parents Need a Break

Kid’s music and movies are great, but any parent knows that loud activity in the back seat does not make for a calm ride – you just want to listen to your own music program or maybe your own thoughts!

A high-quality audio headphone splitter (a.k.a. y-splitter) allows you to get some peace of mind while the kids can listen to music, watch videos or a movie together.

Many customers report that y-splitters are a great idea for plane rides too!


Music Lovers

My friends and I love to make music, record music and share our work. Other folks just absolutely love listening to music, YouTube videos, podcasts or books.

We all want to share audio with a friend, but sometimes in public places, we also want to protect our privacy, or simply not inconvenience others!

A stereo y headphone splitter allows two people to listen to one source at the same time through two separate sets of headphones or earbuds.

No Setup, No Software, No Hassle

Any device with the industry standard 3.5mm audio jack works with these quality Y-Splitters.

Just plug the male end into your phone, tablet, PC or 3.5mm audio jack compatible device, and it will split full stereo audio to two sets of headphones or earbuds.

Not All Splitters Are Made The Same

It’s so frustrating when we have a brand new audio track, and we sit down to listen together only to hear crackles and static! Jiggle the cords, try to hold it in a certain way, stand on your head, there’s still this irritating crackle! AARRGH!

This can be your experience if you purchase a poorly-made audio splitter. That is why folks want a high-quality, durable tool.

The Solution


The BEST QUALITY 3.5MM STEREO Y AUDIO SPLITTER, a reliable product I use myself.


  • Secure Connection, Gold Plated Ends
  • Extra Length Works Well In CARS AND PLANES
  • Aluminum Strain Relief To Protect Devices
  • Slim Body Design/Stepdown Plug End Fits in Protective Cases or Tight Fit
  • Bright Metallic Red Color distinguishes Cable, Easy to Find!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!


Tried and Tested

Our product is time and market-tested, with over 40 reviews Amazon.

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