Custom Herbal Roots Coffee

In this video, I make a super blend using most of my favorite herbs that go well with coffee. I recently discovered using Calamus root which I really like, but it is bitter. Roasted Dandelion root is so amazing it could be used in place of coffee. Cacao nibs are basically where chocolate comes from. In some places on the east coast, Chicory is often added to coffee. Cinnamon is supposed to be good for circulation and digestion.

Most mornings I use some combination of the following ingredients:
Calamus Root
Burdock Root
Cacao Nibs
Roasted Dandelion Root
Ceylon Cinnamon
Roasted Chicory Root

In this video, I accidentally printed Cassia Cinnamon when I meant to put Ceylon Cinnamon but it was too late to fix it because I made the original video on an app from my phone. I have another video on my youtube channel called Cinnamon Coffee that explains the deal with the two types of cinnamon. You can also do a search for Cassia vs. Ceylon to get the whole scoop.

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