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 I’m Starting From Scratch Podcast

I created this Podcast to help folks that are struggling with feeling trapped. I had a full-time job that made me feel like a slave, so I decided to start my own business and make it on my own as an entrepreneur. I have realized that starting out on a new venture like this is extremely difficult if you do not have prior experience or a mentor to lead you along. I’m Starting From Scratch Podcast will journal my adventures and share the knowledge I pick up along the way. I am hoping to build a community of folks on a similar path so we can help each other achieve our goals and success.

Meet Thomas M. Sterner, Bestselling Author. We discuss “The Practicing Mind”:

Chaos To Productivity, Audio Version by Philip Frey
  Thanks to Philip Frey for the Audio Version of the article: http://grinagaingoods.com/garage-organization-from-chaos-to-productivity/
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Peaceful Holiday, Avoid The Snakepits
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Meet Tom Sterner, Learn “The Practicing Mind”
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Achieve Your Goals: Audio Version by Philip Frey
Thank You To Philip Frey For This Audio Version Listen to more of his work at: http://www.valiantgrowth.com/   What is holding you
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What is holding you back from reaching your success goals?​
Listen to the audio version read by Philip Frey: What is holding you back from reaching your success goals? I
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